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Misconceptions & Jud
Misconceptions & Judgements Made About CFS
A Tribute to Dr. Sha
Sharon Kirk PhD - author of
Michelle Roy
Me Talking About My
Talking about my life
Part 2 My Storm With
Describing a little about me and my struggle with CFS
CFS Vent & Update
CFS Frusrations & Update
Meds & Supplements I
Meds & Supplements I use to Manage my CFS/ME
Explaining Orthostat
How It Affects My Daily Life
Part Two of how CFS
My symptoms and such
Just As I Am W/CFS/M
Inspirational video about Immunovir and me.
Some Facts About Mya
A brief description of some basic facts about M.E. and my experience for the last 13 years
CFS / ME & discussin
I describe on youtube
Me Talking About my
Me Talking About my CFS and an idea
Laurel's October 200
Video testimony of my experiences living with severe ME/CFS - Presented to the CFS Advisory Committee October 2009 meeting
Marly Silverman, Fou
Marly Silverman testimony on October 29, 209 to the CFS Advisory Committee. Her testimony touched the 3 R's - Reconciliation, Restore or Repair, and Resolve. You can read her complete testimony at PANDORA's web site or at the CFSAC web
Marly Silverman
My Family
A small group of inconsequential people who I just happen to love!
Lee Miller
ME / CFS Photo Monta
Another Montage I've been making over the last week or so that I hope you will all enjoy, I know my wife did when she saw it!
Lee Miller
Appointment With A N
I recently had an appointmet with a neuro-psychologist. In this video I talk about the results of the tests
Paul Winter
Life After CFS - Lei
Two years after entering her short films in P.A.N.D.O.R.A.'s video advocacy campaign to raise awareness for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, young artist Leia is back with an update on how things are going in her personal battle against these
Marly Silverman
A Day In The Life of
Photo montage with music of how a severe CFS/ME patient may feel after years (or even decades) of psychiatric abuse, neglect and general medical incompetence.
Lee Miller
Dr. Oz on XMRV CFS R
This clip discusses Dr Oz, the woman named Gina and the subject of XMRV; the linked Retrovirus of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and possibly even autism and chronic Lyme disease, as well as POTS.. So many things!!
Dr. Franky Dolan
PANDORA's Internatio
Finalist #2. Category Fibromyalgia. Producer & Director: Leia Jobe. Heart wrenching pictures of the frustration, sensual loneliness, and rebellion experienced by a young artist who was diagnosed with CFS/FM at age 18 after a viral infection.
Marly Silverman
CFS Update
Two years after entering her short films in P.A.N.D.O.R.A.'s video advocacy campaign to raise awareness for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, young ...
Dan on His ME/CFS
It was not my intent to make this video during one of my
Dan Moricoli
My CFS / CFSAC Video
This is a video testimony of my experiences living with severe ME/CFS, created for the CFSAC October 2009 meeting. Since I am unable to speak above a whisper, my sister-in-law did the voice over to the original video, which can be seen here: http://www.yo
Laurel B.
My CFS / CFSAC Video
This is a video testimony of my experiences living with severe ME/CFS. It was created in order to present to the October 2009 CFS Advisory Committee's meeting. I am unable to speak more than a few words above a whisper, so my sister-in-law very graciously
Laurel B.
They were right! It
After much soul searching I have found out the cause of my illness.
Paul Winter
M.E. And Me Part 3
The last part of my ME story.
Paul Winter
M.E. And Me Part 2
Part 2 of a series of 3 videos telling my story. Recorded in 2007
Paul Winter
M.E And Me Part 1
This is the first of 3 videos I made back in 2007, that describe how my illness started. Things have continued to progress since then.
Paul Winter
Voice 4 A Cure
A video about severe M.E./CFS and why we are asking you to use your moments to volunteer to help us out of our darkness. 28 million voices will be heard. Visit our website at
Andrea Martell
We're Not In Kansas
The Flying Monkeys of Burlington Vermont
Rik Carlson
Dear President Obama
Dear President Obama & VP Biden
Mary Schweitzer
Fighting for Recogni
A message of hope, courage and defiance from Greg Crowhurst, the husband of Linda Crowhurst, a ME/CFS sufferer from England.
Marly Silverman
Monkeys with Wings -
The story of a prominent businessman in Vermont, whose successful life was interrupted by chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The video highlights the special connection to
Marly Silverman
Living with Fibromya
The story of a young girl named Holly Fraser, who has to endure a life with the incurable disease Fibromyalgia. Her mother's concern, love and caring support touches the heart of every parent who has a child diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Holly's supporting
Marly Silverman
What Happened to Sop
A moving, frightening, video by Sophia's mother on the treatment and subsequent death of her daughter. See Links at for the website and more information.
Dan Moricoli
I love this personal video. There is nothing fancy about it, but it is wonderfully honest. I don't know the woman's name so I can't yet properly credit her, but I would love to meet her.
Dan Moricoli
The Realities of ME
A personal video with excellent music and visual images produced by fogggyrl
Dan Moricoli
Living with M.E. - M
A personal view of the symptoms of ME by a young woman in the UK
Dan Moricoli
Suffering from M.E.
A beautifully produced personal video by Hanna McKearnen
Dan Moricoli
UK Documentary on ME
Clare, a young, bedridden woman talks about the realities of her life with ME
Dan Moricoli
Chronic Fatigue Synd
Leia's beautifully produced story of her bout with CFS
Dan Moricoli
PANDORA FM Video pro
The immensely talented Leia Jobe, who has both CFS and FM created this video on FM for PANDORA ( Please take a moment to view this very stirring video.
Dan Moricoli
Teas I use in daily life dealing with CFIDS and life in general. Excuse my messy kitchen!
Health Care Reform T
I try to word my thought son Healthcare Reform as best I can. Damn CFIDS Brain fogs/farts! But seriuosly use your heads and educate yourself, don't go along ...
Second Time Around!!
This is my second time around.Hope you like it.My thinking is NOT good.Bare with me.I feel like my brain doesn't work.
Ruth Nikiforovs
My First Video!!!
My battle with CFS, I may be a bit rusty at this LOL, but over time I will get better.Hope you like it.
Ruth Nikiforovs
The Heart of Texas
Some great Christian Filming
His Strength is Perf
Steven Curtis Chapman. Enjoy!
Ruth Nikiforovs
Just another Video!
Just Another Video
Ruth Nikiforovs